Seven Reasons the Norwegian Fjords Should be your Next Cruise Destination

Seven Reasons the Norwegian Fjords Should be your Next Cruise Destination

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The Norwegian Fjords are famous cruise destinations that holiday goers and adventurers should not miss. There is truly something about the coastline of Norway that makes it an enticing place to go. Below are the reasons to consider the Norwegian fjords in your next cruise holidays.

Beautiful Landscapes

As you explore the Norwegian Fjords, you are bound to witness stunning natural scenes. From gushing waterfalls to snow-capped peaks, all you can do is feel mesmerized by the landscapes’ untouched beauty. The picturesque Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can soak up lush green surroundings. Hikers here can have a great view of sailing cruise ships.

Fascinating Wildlife

Norway houses interesting wildlife. From soaring white-tailed eagles to little puffins, there are a lot to see in the blue skies and on the fjords’ cliffs. While sailing between destinations, you are likely to also witness a number of whale species that take their ground in the waters.

Mouth-watering Cuisine

Norway has been famous for being a fishing ground because of its coastal location. In fact, the country has become one of the world’s leading seafood exporters.  A cruise journey through the Norwegian Fjords will let you embark on a memorable food journey where you can sample some of the delicious seafood in the country. While you can find big fish markets to see what they have on offer, you don’t want to miss out local delicacies like smoked arctic char and king crabs in the northern locations. Norwegian cuisines will have you wanting for more.

Endless Activities

The Norwegian Fjords have a variety of activities to satisfy any adventurers. For instance, the famous Flam brings you closer to the picture-perfect scenery in Aurlandsfjord and Beitelen. Also, you can hide through stunning mountain roads to reach the Stegastein Viewpoint.

Interesting Legends

No matter where you go in Norway, you can learn about legends which surround the Vikings such as the Viking Ship Museum and Stavanger. These destinations will inform you of how such invaders were great traders and craftsmen as well as cruel warriors. People in Norway also believe in the existence of trolls. In fact, literature and folklore in the country recognize these mythical beings.

Happy People

You have probably heard about Norway being the world’s happiest country. Citizens here are satisfied in their workplace freedom, the country’s life expectancy and the general public health. Given these, you can expect to come across very welcoming people during your cruise holidays.

Amazing Natural Phenomena

The Midnight Sun is an ethereal phenomenon that you can witness when you decide to have a cruise holiday in the Norwegian Fjords during the summer. This phenomenon will let you witness the visibility of the night throughout the night, covering the landscape with a calming effect. The winter allows you to witness how light dances to please the naked eye during the popular aurora borealis or Northern Lights. The northern areas like Tromso will give you the best view.These phenomena will help create memories you will certainly not forget.

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